We have all heard it said before, “I hurt my back, and the doctor couldn’t do anything, so after hurting for this long, I decided to try a chiropractor.” Modern Chiropractic is focusing on being a primary care provider, no longer should we be thought of as the “Last option”, How about giving us a try first? We believe that the person who knows their body best is you, so we will take a through history on what is your current problem, then design a treatment program designed to get you better in the most cost effective and fastest way possible. The human body is the greatest machine ever made, and the power that creates the body has the power to heal the body. We believe that the body can and will heal itself; we just have to get some things out of the way, so the body can be most effective.

Chiropractic is much more than back pain.

Chiropractic believes in a mind to body connection. The most important connector between the mind and body is the spine. For the mind and body to be functioning properly, the spine must be functioning properly as well. Back pain is a chiropractor’s specialty, but we deal with all sorts of body ailments. From shoulders, to headaches, to knee and ankle pain, come see what quality healthcare can do for what is ailing you. There is so much more to what we do than “Crack your back”. There are low force techniques, which may be more applicable to some. While Cross friction massage muscle work, kinesiology tape, and acupuncture help get all of the bodies systems working together again, and allow the body to better heal itself.