Jeremiah Williams

Jeremiah Williams is a graduate of Kansas State University (2007) with dual undergraduate majors in Kinesiology and Psychology. After graduating, he was accepted to the graduate level program at Kansas State University in Exercise Physiology. During those years he taught undergraduate level classes at the University, and did research for his studies. Jeremiah then moved to Cleveland Chiropractic College, and studied for three more years to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. His educational background allows for a more evidence based practice, and better understanding of how the physiology of the body works together to attain the best outcome for what you need. For something as serious as a neck injury from a car wreck that happened days ago, to not being able to follow through with your golf swing because of shoulder pain, Jeremiah believes what is most important is getting his patients back to doing the things that they want to do again, while pain free.